Located in the Catalan Ebro basin, this study region belongs to one of the six major pseudo-steppe areas of the Iberian Peninsula. It is characterized by agricultural landscapes typical from the Mediterranean region, constrained by low annual rainfall (300-500 mm) and large annual thermal amplitude. It comprises 600 km² of extensive farmlands dominated by winter cereals (mainly barley) in the lowlands associated with almond and olive tree plantations as well as vineyards on the hills. Natural vegetation persists in a complex network of edges and small patches of shrubland and holm oak woodland. The region is the product of a long land use history and is characterized by small farms composed of small-medium fields.

Research team

This region was surveyed by a team from CTFC lead by Lluis Brotons. Fieldwork was coordinated by David Giralt in 2013-2014.

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