This region presents a gradient­ from intensive cereal/maize field to semi-natural grasslands. It is characterized by the 'bocage', i.e. grasslands surrounded by a well-developed hedgerow network. Field size varies from 0.8 ha with dense hedgerows (115 m/ha) in the south to 3.7 with sparse hedgerows (44m/ha) in the north of the region.
This region is part of the French Long Term Ecological Research network created by the CNRS ('Zone atelier' in French) as well as LTER-Europe and ILTER. Land cover and biodiversity have been monitored in this region since 1990 by Ecobio.

Research team

This region was surveyed by the team from Ecobio in Rennes lead by Françoise Burel. Romain Georges has been coordinating the fieldwork in 2012 and 2013. This group is in charge of the Work Package on carabs and spiders as well as the predation experiment.

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