Eastern Ontario is approximately 28000 km2 in size, of which approximately 25% is made up of agricultural areas (including hay and pasture). It is bordered by the St. Lawrence River to the south, the Ottawa River to the north, the Ontario-Quebec provincial border to the east and the Canadian Shield to the west. The total population is just under 2 million people (2006 census). According to the 2011 agricultural survey, the dominant crops in the region are hay (39% of agricultural cover), corn (27%) and soybean (25 %). Patchy forest occurs throughout eastern Ontaio, increasing in the northwest as is meets the Canadian shield.

Research team

The Ontario research is led by the co-directors of the Geomatics and Landscape Eocology Lab at Carleton University; Lenore Fahrig, Doug King, Kathryn Lindsay and Scott Mitchell, together with Lutz Tischendorf. The research team also includes Jude Girard (biodiversity postdoc), Dennis Duro (geomatics postdoc), Susie Crowe (predation PhD student), Sara Collins (amphibian and aquatic invertebrate PhD student), Liv Monck-Whipp (bat MSc student), Thom Hotte (pollination MSc student) and a large team of field and lab assistants.

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